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For years I struggled with anxiety and depression.  I can remember thinking, “If this is all there is, I’m out.”

My suffering led to a deep inquiry of how the body and mind worked. In a “need to know” manner, I researched western science, medical journals and many alternative health techniques looking for answers. I realized I wasn’t alone, and that in fact the cases of depression, anxiety, and chronic illness were on the rise at alarming rates. As one of the most powerful countries in the world, America was fatter, sicker and more depressed then it had ever been. Something wasn’t adding up.

In studying both ancient texts and modern medicine, I have come to understand that the body is designed as its own healing mechanism. It has always sought homeostasis or perfect balance. The problem is that we have severely compromised our body’s ability to heal over the last few centuries by eating food that is further and further away from its natural state. By processing food, stripping it of its nutrients, adding flavors, heating it, and making it “shelf stable” we’ve created dead, albeit good tasting stuff that passes for food. This lifeless “food” fills our stomachs but doesn’t break down very easily, getting stored in our fat cells, our blood, and our digestive systems. Over time we see this accumulation of waste in the form of IBS, chronic fatigue, low energy, skin issues, mood swings, and depression.

However, our bodies are forgiving. When we return to a vegetable based diet, and flood our cells with the oxygen and life force of nutrient rich whole foods and raw juices, we rebuild our inner environments and our bodies work miracles. Fatigue, acne, depression, digestive issues, and infertility recede as energy, vitality and health take their place.

As I applied these natural dietary changes, I started to experience a stability and balance I hadn’t known before. My life changed. Understanding the power of whole foods in the context of natural law and cleansing principles has been my physical gateway to true empowerment, health and freedom. It is so much simpler than we think it is!

I believe so much in the power of detoxification that it’s become my way of life for the last several years. My family and I thrive on fresh vegetable juices, homemade guacamole, goat cheese salads, dried fruits, and always a warm comforting homemade veggie centric dinner. We enjoy Coconut Bliss ice cream, macaroons, or something whipped up in our blender with cocoa powder and agave. A clean diet along with a cleansing lifestyle are our keys to health on all levels.

Food connects us all in the web of life. From our economy to our health, food plays a vital role in uniting us. I believe it can serve as a powerful tool for personal transformation and the rebirth of our world.

This website reflects my journey. It’s what I’ve learned along the way. My hope is that it inspires you to grab your health and happiness by the horns and to KNOW that you have complete power not just to heal, but to thrive!

With great love,